Top 5 Best Chess Gift Ideas

Imagine this scenario: it is time to buy a gift for a chess player that you know, but you have no idea what to buy them. For non-chess players and chess players alike, it can be a very daunting task to pick out a gift for a chess enthusiast.

In this list, I compiled some of the best chess gift ideas in order to help you find the perfect gift.


1. Chess Set

No chess player can refuse a high-quality chess set with beautiful pieces. I personally received a set for my birthday last year and I have used it a lot since. I am sure that any chess player, beginner or advanced, will truly appreciate having a chess set to play on. The chess set can Tournament Chess Setbe a useful tournament one or a high-quality wooden one.


Check out this high-quality tournament set. If you are looking for wooden sets, there are a lot of chess boards and pieces online.

2. Chess Books

Every chess player needs books in order to improve. There are tons of chess books that serve as really good gifts. Unless you know what they want, it is better to give chess strategy books as gifts instead of chess opening books.

Here are a couple of really good books for gifts:

3. Chess Software

For for advanced players, chess software can come in very handy. I believe that chess database software is one of the best tools a chess player can use to improve their game. A chess player can use this sChessBase 14oftware to store and analyze chess games.

Fritz is a chess engine software that I would highly recommend and is one of the cheapest programs on the market. ChessBase is a step up price-wise, but is a great alternative (check out the Mega Package here).

For Mac users, I have heard that HIARCS Chess Explorer is a very good program.

4. Membership is a great website to learn and improve at chess. A membership for one year or a couple months would be a great gift that any chess player would appreciate.

With a membership, someone would be able to access chess tactics, online tournaments, chess lessons, and more.

Click here to go see the different plans that offers.

5. Chess Clocks

DGT North American Chess Clock

For tournament and casual players alike, chess clocks are a necessity. There are a lot of high-quality chess clocks on the market. For a relatively cheap clock, the DGT North American does its job well and is very reliable. If you want to take it up a notch, I recommend the Chronos chess clocks.

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