3 Ways to Find Your Chess Personality

Many people hit a point in their chess journey that causes them to reconsider their approach to chess. They may reconsider many things, including what many call your “chess personality.”

A chess personality encompasses multiple things, but it basically boils down to each individual chess player’s playing style. Do they like to play tactically? Strategically?

In this article, you will learn three ways to find your chess personality and why knowing it is important for players rated 1500 Elo and up.

1. Using an Online Chess Personality Site

The easiest way to get a rough idea of your chess personality is through using an online chess personality website such as ChessPersonality.com.

In my experience, that website seems to get the overall picture, but is not 100% accurate.

Using websites like the one mentioned above is good when you don’t have a lot of time or when you are not particularly worried about finding your exact playing style. If you just want a general idea, then this method is for you.

An added bonus for using the previously mentioned tool is that it will also give you some grandmasters that you play a lot like, so that you can go check out their games.

It will also give you some opening recommendations based on what you got on the chess personality test.

2. Analyze Your Games and Openings Styles

This method of finding your chess playing style requires a lot more work that the last one.

For this method, you have to analyze a number of your games fully and also analyze your opening styles as well.

When you are analyzing your games in this method, the main thing to keep in mind is trying to find critical points in each game in which you were faced with a decision. You should mark such points on paper or somewhere online so that you can remember where they are.

Then, look at your decision at each of those points. Were you leaning more towards a tactical and attacking side, or a positional and strategic side?

Each time when you encounter a critical point in the game you should ask your self this question.

When you are finished analyzing your selected games, go back and see how many times you decided to go for the positional side instead of the tactical side and vice versa.

Your result here should give a proper understanding of whether you are more positional or tactical.

Why is Your Chess Personality Important?

However, keep in mind that whatever result you get should be taken with a grain of salt. If you are already performing well playing an opening, then go ahead and keep playing it!

Your “chess playing style” shouldn’t be seen as a specific set of rules that you have to follow, but rather some general guidelines that represent the positions you like to play.

This being said, I would still highly recommend that you take time to study what your chess playing style is. Not only is it entertaining, but can also prove to be instructional.

For example, if you want to analyze chess games by grandmasters, you may want to pick one that shares your chess personality.

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